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OPC Unified Architecture

OPC UA SDK for .NET is available at beta level, to OPC Foundation corporate members. The SDK includes:
* Implementations of the XML Web Services and UA Native Binary stack profiles
* Server and Client development toolkits
* Sample Applications
OPC Unified Architecture (OPC UA) is the new standard of the OPC Foundation providing interoperability in process automation and beyond. By defining abstract services, OPC UA provides a service-oriented architecture (SOA) for industrial applications - from factory floor devices to enterprise applications. OPC UA integrates the different flavors of the former OPC specifications into a unified address space accessible with a single set of services.
OPC UA provides all data in its unified address space. Thus current data, historical data and events are related to each other.
The main features of new standart is vendors demand a platform-independent specification that allows running OPC applications on non-Microsoft systems. OPC UA supports this by specifying an abstract set of services and maps them to different technologies like Web Services.
OPC UA provides a single, interoperable way accessing data from the factory floor to the enterprise. With its capability to map the services to different technologies, OPC UA fulfils the requirements accessing devices in a performing way as well as providing pure Web Services for MES and ERP systems that only allow a generic Web Service integration.

OPC-UA wrappers

The OPC-UA wrappers provide a migration path for the existing legacy products to become OPC-UA enabled providing a secure reliable interoperability across corporate firewall boundaries. The OPC-UA wrappers provide a migration path for the OPC COM/DCOM based specifications and products to the OPC unified architecture Web services platform. The side benefit is that the OPC unified architecture wrappers will also worked inside the corporate intranet providing secure reliable interoperability in that domain.
The major objective of the early adopter program is to provide a jumpstart on OPC-UA for those member companies that participate in this important program. Members of this team worked together with other competitors to build a strong solid foundation for the migration of existing legacy products to the new OPC Unified Architecture.
Wrapping existing servers may shorten development times for implementing OPC UA servers, since existing OPC servers can be used.
A wrapper that can be used on existing OPC COM Servers to allow the server to supply it's information to a UA client. The COM wrapper will emulated a UA server, obtaining all information it needs from the underlining (i.e. wrapped) COM Server.

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