OPC for Linux
This site contents useful information about development OPC servers/clients under Linux platform and some other articles and specification which may be helpful for you.
What is OPC and why Linux?
  - XML/DA client
  - Java client
  - DCOM implement
  - Intermediate SW/HW solution
  - UA-COM wrappers
  - Python & Pyro
  - PyOPC
Links and tools
Links and tools

OPC Client Toolkits, OPC Server Gateways and OPC Software Tools / Utilities from Kassl
SPT-PC RTU/IED SCADA Communication Gateway
ORB Basics
OPC XML DA Client Side Gateway for access to OPC XML servers from OPC DA clients
Object Management Group
DCOM for Linux FAQ
CodeProject: OPC XML-DA Sample Clients. Free source code and programming help
What is OPC?
OPC Unified Architecture
Connecting OPC to Linux and QNX
The Industrial Ethernet Book - Articles: XML-DA opens windows beyond the firewall
XMLDA Advosol Inc. - Compare XML-DA and OPC-DA
Download Free OPC Servers
A free implementation of DCE RPC, with development aimed at implementing DCOM for Linux
Pure Java - COM Bridge
Java2COM: Java - COM Bridge
UA - The future of OPC

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