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Java-COM bridge and clients

J-IntegraR for COM is a high performance middleware software bridge that enables Java COM interoperability. Its pure Java implementation of the DCOM wire protocol allows you to access COM components from Java clients, and Java objects from COM clients.
Java COM Bridge and clients to connect to him
If you are choose this variant to integrate Java with COM you have some variants:
ErgoTech's OPC Gateway. ErgoTech is a producer of Java components for manufacturing, and the OPC Gateway is designed to work with that company's VIB product. VIB is a collection of visualization and data server components designed to be used with real-time devices.
Bridge building technology between COM and Java has been also useful in Java projects to access legacy code.
Java COM bridges are also useful in .NET and C# or Visual Basic projects that have legacy code in Java. Alternatively, projects written in .NET and C# or Visual Basic, may need to communicate with projects written in Java and J2EE.
Remember, if COM was easy, it would be very popular today. Microsoft tried hard to make it popular. That's why it may be of significant advantage to use a tool that requires no COM learning, and works plug-and-play. Desiderata Software invites those looking for a Java COM bridge, to try out the EZ JCom software from the download page of the EZ JCom website. The Development Tool for Java-COM Bridge enables the integration of both COM- and Java-based components in one application and allows the two kinds of components to communicate bi-directionally through the Java Native Interface (JNI) technology.
alphaWorks based on Eclipse technology development Tool for Java-COM Bridge. A tool for developing and enabling tight communication between Java- and COM-based applications. Project Utgard - pure Java OPC library
Utgard is an open source project offering an OPC library written in pure native Java, i.e. with no dependency on JNI or other DLLs. It is licensed under the GPL.
Support is currently provided for DA 2.0 client development, with server enumeration now implemented. DA 3.0 client and DA server side are planned to follow.
UtgardProject is a contributor to the larger OpenSCADA project, and uses j-Interop for DCOM interoperability.
Java2COM: Java and COM Integration
Java2COM is a bi-directional Java-COM bridging tool that enables Java applications, applets, and servlets to use COM objects and makes possible to expose Java objects as if they were COM objects. Allow Java applications to use COM objects: in-process DLLs and OCXs, local servers, remote DCOM servers, allow Java clients to subscribe to COM events, allow COM components to make callbacks to Java.
j-Interop library implements the DCOM protocol and enables development of Pure, Bi-Directional, Non-Native, Java applications which can leverage the features provided by any COM component. The implementation is itself purely in Java and does not use JNI to provide COM access.

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