OPC for Linux
This site contents useful information about development OPC servers/clients under Linux platform and some other articles and specification which may be helpful for you.
What is OPC and why Linux?
  - XML/DA client
  - Java client
  - DCOM implement
  - Intermediate SW/HW solution
  - UA-COM wrappers
  - Python & Pyro
  - PyOPC
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Intermediate solution

intermediate solution for built OPC with Linux It`s much more simple solution. In this case you are still used OPC with COM/DCOM under Win platform, but added to project another one intermediate machine with specific function. Your main computer working under Linux with specific hardware and software with field devices and controllers. Accumulated and calculated data formed in xml format or another protocol and send on request from OPC server, that worked on Windows machine and connected with main machine with any interface (serial or ethernet). Than windows server forming data and presentate their with DA and HDA interface to any OPC DA/HDA clients. Of course this is not primary variant, but this is very simple solution.

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