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What is DCOM? DCOM implementations.

webMethods EntireX DCOM brings the DCOM programming model to non-Microsoft platforms in a manner that is true to the original programming model and wire protocol. webMethods EntireX DCOM allows transparent access to in-process, local out-of-process or remote objects in a heterogeneous distributed environment.
DCOM is a distributed object technology developed by Microsoft. In simple programmer terms, DCOM provides a mechanism for transparently executing function calls across computer systems. DCOM is a complex body of software that incorporates technologies such as distributed objects programming, object life cycle management, communications protocols, security, cross-platform interoperability. DCOM is in the same solution space as CORBA. DCOM is fully implemented on Windows NT and almost fully featured on Windows 95 and Windows 98.
For an example of what DCOM for UNIX can make possible, check out this Visual Basic source code that wraps the Linux libc shared object into a class library. It is running on Linux using DCOM and an unreleased beta of software from the VBVM project.
Microsoft developed DCOM for use on Windows. About 1996, Microsoft licensed DCOM technology to other organizations including Compaq (Digitial Equipment), HP, Mainsoft, Open Group, and Software AG. Software AG deserves credit for performing the majority of DCOM porting to UNIX and OS/390 mainframes. Software AG maintains the largest staff of DCOM for UNIX personel. Microsoft has released ports for Sun, HP/UX and is working on a 64-bit port to the Dec Alpha. DCOM for Linux has been released by Software AG but without support.

Alternative versions and implementations

A free implementation of DCE RPC, with development aimed at implementing DCOM for Linux (and other UNIX systems). The Open Group has a DCOM implementation called COMsource. Its source code is available, along with full and complete documentation, sufficient to use and also implement an interoperable version of DCOM. According to that documentation, COMsource comes directly from the Windows NT 4.0 source code, and even includes the source code for a Windows NT Registry Service.
The Wine Team is also implementing DCOM for binary interoperability purposes; they are not currently interested in the networking side of DCOM, which is provided by MSRPC. They are restricted to implementing NDR (Network Data Representation) through Microsoft's API, but are committed to making it as compatible as possible with MSRPC.(c) Wikipedia j-Interop is an open source (LGPL) implementation of MSRPC purely in Java, supporting DCOM client applications in Java on any platform communicating with DCOM servers.
J-Integra for COM is a mature commercial pure Java implementation of the DCOM wire protocol allowing access to COM components from Java clients, and Java objects from COM clients. EntireX DCOM is a commercial implementation by Software AG for Windows, AIX, HP/UX, Solaris, Linux, AS/400, z/OS, z/VM, and BS2000/OSD.

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